Pro-democracy protests rock Sudan over military coup


Some of the protesters. Photo: BBC

By Valentine Amanze

Pro-democracy groups have stormed Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, to oppose the Monday military takeover of government in the country.

As early as 7am on Saturday the activists barricaded roads in Khartoum, as part of week-long protest against the military coup.

BBC reported that the protest had claimed three people, as soldiers battled to disperse the protesters on Saturday.

The security forces, it was gathered, fired shots and tear gas to disperse protesters in the nearby city of Omdurman.

The Interior Ministry denied that live rounds had been fired.

The army seized power on Monday, detaining Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok, and other civilian leaders.

The UN’s Sudan envoy, Volker Perthes, met Mr Hamdok at his residence on Sunday.

Perthes said that Hamdok was well but remained under house arrest.

“We discussed options for mediation and the way forward for Sudan,” he added.

Recall that the Coup leader, Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan, dissolved civilian rule on Monday.

The general, who also called a state of emergency, said that his actions were justified to avoid “civil war” and stop political infighting. The military takeover has drawn widespread international condemnation.

Saturday saw the biggest demonstrations yet, with tens of thousands marching across the country with Sudanese flags and chanting, “No to military rule!”

“These protests are going to continue being peaceful even when faced with the guns,” Shaheen al Shaheef, a member of the Khartoum Resistance Committee, told the BBC.


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