How pastor snatched our wives, sisters, mothers, by protesting men


Some of the men at the station.

Pastor Harrison Anazodo Charles of Day Spring Assembly is not a happy man. He no longer knows his future or that of his church, Day Spring Assembly. He would need the services of the best imagenaker to launder his battered image after a group of men gathered at a radio station in Abuja to accuse him of “snatching” their wives, sisters, and mothers.

The aggrieved men visited Brekete Family Radio studio to lay their complaint.

They alleged that the pastor had “stolen” over 50 married women from their husbands and offering accommodation to them.

Some of the men claimed that their wives took their children while going to be with the pastor and their children are now suffering abuse.

Other social media users who know the pastor of the church situated at an avenue by Orifite Street Awada, Obosi, Anambra State, confirmed that the pastor was notorious.

They claimed that the pastor was fond of taking men’s wives, stressing that the story was not new in the area.

One Twitter user wrote: “It’s true i know some of these gentle men. That’s the church my mother attends that broke our family; it’s unfortunate my father is late. He would have love to join them in this protest.”


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