How man rescued DJ Michelle a day after water swept her away at Lagos beach


By Valentine Amanze

One of Nigeria’s fast-rising star, DJ Michelle, would have been dead by now after she was swept away by water at a beach in Lagos on Thursday November 18, 2021; but for the intervension of a man a day after.

While family members and friends had started losing hope of her safety, a Yoruba man, who did not want his names in print, came for the rescue on Friday.

The man, who did not say whether he was hired to search for the lady or not simply said in Yoruba at the beach on Friday that he had already passed her but felt like swimming back to check properly.

According to him, it was then he discovered that the lady was still alive and decided to pull her to safety before performing CPR on her.

The DJ had gone to the beach with her friends on Thursday, November 18, and she was swept away by the water, friends and family claimed.

People began mourning her earlier on Friday November 19, 2021 before the news broke in the evening that she had been rescued alive 24 hours after she reportedly vanished in the water.

DJ Michelle’s family members were at the beach to receive her after she was revived.


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