Cleric admonishes Christians to imbibe spirit of harvest season


By Ahmed Ahmed

The Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (CSMC), Bethel Cathedral, Numan, Yola District of Adamawa State on Sunday celebrated its Annual Harvest Anniversary Thanksgiving Service with a call on Christians to let the lessons learnt and the spirit imbibed during the harvest season strengthen their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In his sermon at the special Thanksgiving Service of the church with the theme: “HARVEST OF LIBERATION”, Special Apostle Segun Awofadeji called on Christians to be their brothers keeper and assist the less privileged and vulnerable for the spirit of harvest to further germinate in their daily lives.

Quoting from the Holy Bible, the sermoner said, “Psalm 128:3 tells us that God Himself ordained harvest season with the major aim for man to eat the fruits of his labour. The harvest season is one of the principal convenant of God with man, and that is why He gives seed to the sower to ensure food on the table for the eater.

“This is the reason harvest season is usually a period of celebration, jubilation and happiness, and it’s also a time to gather in the rewards of our labour or harvest (Proverb 6:8)”.

According to him, “Life is about sowing and reaping. It is either you are planting or harvesting. We are on Earth as a seed, someone will harvest us someday. So be not deceived, and Jehovah God Almighty is not mocked so therefore whatsoever you sow determines what you reap both in frequency, quality and quantity”.


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