Nigerians will resist any Supreme Court leader in 2023, says APC chieftain, Vatsa

  • Explains Justice Mary Odili’s house raid

By Valentine Amanze

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism and Chieftain in Niger State, Jonathan Vatsa, has condemned the recent invasion of the house of Supreme Court Judge, Justice Mary Odili, stressing that it was all political, warning that Nigerians will resist any other “Supreme Court leader” in the country.

Vatsa, who spoke in Minna, th Niger State capital on Tuesday, insisted that the 2023 electoral cycle was the reason behind the invasion of Justice Odili’s house by the security officials.

He alleged, “Since Justice Odili is the second in command in hierarchy who is expected to succeed the current Chief Justice of federation, some politicians want to humiliate her out of the Supreme Court ahead of the 2023 general election.”

The former commissioner said that it was now clear that some people would not have their way through the ballot box in 2023 except through the court.

Vatsa, who was also the former publicity secretary of APC in the state, said that from all the indices of failure everywhere, “it will be difficult for some political parties or individuals to seek for people’s mandate at any level, hence the need to prepare ground and have their way through the court”.

Vasta described Justice Mary Odili as a woman full of integrity as displayed during former Governor Modu Sheriff versus PDP legal battle, where she voluntarily stepped aside from the panel of Justice of the apex court because her husband is a PDP card-carrying member.

His words: “You cannot question the integrity of such a woman except you are doing it with a dubious political reason. I learnt that she is the second in command who is expected to succeed the current Chief Judge of the federation and that is why everything is being done to ease her out; this is most unfortunate.

“Our leaders should know that the forthcoming 2023 election will not be business as usual, Nigerians are going through the hardest time in the country history and therefore will not want to be manipulated in any way including through the court.

“We saw how many leaders emerged through the court after the 2019 elections but I can assure our leaders that Nigerians will resist such court leaders in 2023. Nigerians can not withstand any further killings, Kidnapping and terrible hardship going on in the country any further.

“Removing Justice Mary Odili from the system cannot solve the problem, if we have failed, we should apologize to Nigerians and leave the stage honorably rather than using state agents to harass and humiliate those who have distinguished themselves in their profession.”

Vasta said that APC failed when it had the opportunity of taking the country to its promise land.

“That is why we found ourselves in the current mess where the centre could no longer hold. In fact, the party is the enemy of itself. There are disagreements everywhere in the party today because the rewarding system is nothing to write home about.

“Those who were never part of the building process are now eating very fat, and with extra to take away, while those who worked tirelessly day and night for the party are being asked to stay behind and lick the plate because of either religion or ethnic difference”.


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