Ralf Rangnick looks beyond six months Manchester United contract


Rangnick begins Manchester United career at Old Trafford against Crystap Palace.

By Valentine Amanze

 The manager of Manchester United, Raff Rangnick, is set to stay beyond six months at Old Trafford as interim boss.

After his unveiling on Friday, Rangnick disclosed that he was yet to discuss with his employers on permanancy of the job.

According to the 63-year-old manger, “Right now the plan is for me to take charge of United until the summer and I will then move into a ‘consultancy role’ for two years at the club to help them develop their philosophy on and off the pitch.

“I mean, the people with whom I have spoken so far have been very clear that we’re talking about a six-and-a-half-month role as a manager currently. We have never spoken about what will happen in the summer. Right now I’m fully aware they might be looking for a new manager.

“Maybe if they ask my opinion and everything goes well and we develop the team, I might even make the same recommendation to the board that I did at Leipzig twice, when I recommended it might be a good idea to keep working with me for one year. But this is all hypothetical. We cannot speak about that. For me now, it’s about winning the next games and this is the major focus.”

His first game on interim capacity is at Old Trafford against Crystal Palace on Sunday as he is expected to lay the foundations for a new manager to come in the summer.

Ragnick is known for building the identity for Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig, but he is also a fine coach on the training ground and his ideas about playing the game have led the likes of Jurgen Klopp, Julian Nagelsmann and Thomas Tuchel to glory and widespread praise.

These comments suggest that Rangnick is seeing the next six months as a job interview rather than just a nice period to be in charge of United and then pass it on to someone else.




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