How female teacher was arrested after awesome sex with teenage student


Ayanna Davis (@ayannadavis/ Twitter)

Davis on suspension over sex abuse

By Valentine Amanze

Dr Ayanna Davis, a teacher working Lakeland High School, Florida, is in agony. She is not happy that her illicit sexual relationship with her 16-year-old student has landed her in a mess.

The 20-year-old teacher’s immoral act was revealed in Snapchat shared with football players at the high school, which one student later notified authorities.

Ayanna Davis, who was a substitute English teacher at Lakeland High School, a temporary hire from staffing company, Kelly Education Services,

had been charged with sexual battery after the alleged act.

She was arrested Friday after, a week prior, authorities were informed about a video, allegedly shared to Snapchat, capturing her having sex with a student 16 years old or younger.

According to Fox13, deputies say the relationship had been going on for months but didn’t come to light until a student told a school resource officer about the existence of a Snapchat video showing the two having sex.

In a statement issued by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Davis admitted that she had unprotected sex with the student on four occasions — twice at his house and twice at her own.

“This is a clear violation of sexual battery laws. She was in a position of influence over the victim, and she took advantage of that for her own twisted pleasure.” said Sheriff Grady Judd.

The video was reportedly shared with football players at the high school. A student later notified a school resource officer. After questioning, Davis was charged with two counts of sexual battery by a custodian and offenses against students by authority figure, according to Grio report.

The Lakeland Police Department also charged her with two more counts of sexual battery. Her arraignment hearing is scheduled for January 10.

Davis was not an employee of the Polk County Public School System, but Superintendent Frederick Heid wrote, “We expect substitute teachers to uphold the same high standards of conduct and professionalism as our full-time educators.”

“The charges against this person are disgraceful and a complete violation of the trust that teachers build with their students,” he said.

“There is no room in our schools for this type of conduct.

“The safety of students is our highest priority,” contended Kelly Education Service’s Denise Ridenour, according to Complex.

“Ayanna Davis has been deactivated and is not able to accept assignments pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.”


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