Blood of murdered 11-yr-old Somtochukwu haunting Okorocha – Imo govt


Okorocha (file photo)

 By Valentine Amanze

Imo State government has declared that the blood of the murdered 11-year-old Somtochukwu is haunting the former governor Rochas Okorocha.

Somtochukwu was allegedly murdered when security agents stormed Ekeukwu market, Owerri on the orders of the former governor, Okorocha.

The state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hon Declan Emelumba, who disclosed this in a statement, alleged that the blood of the innocent boy was seeking for vengeance, and manifesting in Okorocha’s “current signs of early insanity.”

Emelumba also insisted that the recent behaviour of the former governor bordered on early insanity, which needed to be checked before it developed to full madness.

“Is it not worrisome that Okorocha has veered from psychotic paranoid to being a clown and now a choir master of an area boys choir? I think those who mean well for him should take a closer look at him”, the commissioner said.

He said that apart from the blood of Somtochukwu, the several unresolved assassinations that took place during the eight years of “despotic and nepotistic reign of Okorocha are seeking vengeance”.

Emelumba also alleged that since the police arrested Uche Nwosu in connection with the insecurity in Imo State, Okorocha has been behaving abnormally.

His words: “When Okorocha is not howling about persecution by Uzodinma, he is teaching IG and the police how to do their work. This is a sign of an unstable mind”.

He regretted that instead of atoning for all the atrocities he committed against Imo people including land grabbing, mindless looting and corruption, Okorocha was still busy maligning the Uzodinma’s administration.

“The clownish display by Okorocha about a phantom shooting of God is the height of desperation by a man who wants to make his house boy-turned inlaw to be the governor of Imo State. It’s a pity that inspite of his indictment by a Judicial Commission of Inquiry, Okorocha is still shamelessly insulting the sensibilities of Imo people”, the commissioner said.

Emelumba said that the performance of Uzodinma would determine his re-election and not a cursed song by “a discredited politician suffering from severe hallucination from the ghosts of the victims of his despotic rule.”


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