Ezeship tussle:  Ebonyi SSG denies imposing monarch on community



By Nweze Anaga, Abakaliki

The Secretary to the Ebonyi State Government, Dr. Kenneth Ugbala, is not a happy man at the moment. He is battling to save his name and the plum job he enjoys as the scribe to the state government over serious allegation of imposition of his choice of monarch to his community contrary to the ideals of Governor Dave Umahi.

Though he has exonerated himself from the alleged imposition of traditional ruler in Amudo/Okoffia in Ezza South Local Government Area of the state, yet the indigenes are doubtful.

Ugbala and one of the permanent secretaries in the state, Emmanuel Nwafor, were said to be working together to achieve the obnoxious objective by intimidating members of their community.

While Kenneth Ugbala hails from Okoffia, Emmanuel Nwafor is a native of Amudo – both are officials of Ebonyi State government.

Recall that an online publication of February 7, 2022 alleged that Ugbala and Nwafor were brewing crisis in their community via the selection of new monarch.

The publication stated: “In what seems like scuffling the effort of His Excellency, Apostle Dave Nweze Umahi in the planting of peace as his most outstanding legacy, one of the permanent secretaries in Ebonyi State, Dr. Emmanuel Nwafor, has been fingered for crisis breading in Amudo-Okoffia autonomous community, Ezza South Local Government Area of the state.

“According to our implacable source, the permanent secretary, a few days ago allegedly influenced the youths of his Amudo village to stage mayhem via public violent protest where the sponsored youths were repealed by their rival even as Dr. Emmanuel Nwafor is quoted as having sworn never to allow the wishes of his people prevail on the selection and enthronement of a traditional ruler in Amudo-Okoffia community.

“While the people of Okoffia village are said to have withdrawn from the contest, having ceded the traditional ruler’s position to Amudo village, Dr. Emmanuel Nwafor is accused of having preferred an unpopular candidate to emerge as their next monarch as against the total wish of Amudo-Okiffia indigenes that have preferred Chief Emeka Iburu as their accepted king.

“One of the notable community leaders in Amudo village who preferred to remain anonymous revealed that the Amudo is made up of four major clans among which are:Umueze, Amaofunne, Opee, and Ama-kapu, and by the aged long agreement of their forefathers, Amaofunne has the prerogative right to select and present a competitor in the kingship contest after the demise of Ezeogo Benedict Nweke who joined his ancestors about four years ago.

“But instead of towing the part of peace, Dr. Emmanuel Nwafor, the Secretary of the Ebonyi State Government, (SSG) Mr. Kenneth Ugbala in an alleged attempt to spur the youths to go into war, has concluded plan to use their position as those in the corridor of power in Ebonyi State to install their stooge, Pastor Aloysius Nworie Njoku who is a clergy, serving in Winners Church, Ouwtu Edda branch as the traditional ruler of our community and if we allow such to happen, it all means that what is happening in Effium community will be a child’s play to what will befall our community”.

Reacting to the publication, Dr Kenneth Ugbala denied having the knowledge that his community has started processes of electing another Traditional ruler after the demise of the former.

He said, “Amudo and Okoffia have one traditional ruler, my own community is Okoffia and that community has rules for 41 years and there was this agreement they  had even before  we grew up, that when one community  go another one will go after that one.

“I’m from Okoffia, Okoffia have ruled for 41 years, the Eze died and have been  buried. If government  have approved, because all these things are subject to government approval that another subject  should be installed  it should go to the other community that is my own position.

“The other community should sitdown select somebody and present  to my own community and when he is presented the two communities will accept the person and send to the local government from there to the ministry of local government  and to the state.

“All these things are subject to the approval  of the state  because  I know very well that the ban on election of Ezeship in the state has not been completely lifted. What Governor talked about in the last meeting  concerning  this Eze  is that regent  should  be established  for only 6 months and people who are legend can not  contest for ezeship , so I don’t  even know whether government have lifted ban on the issue of the Eze.

“If the other community  is having meetings  on who will be their Eze it shouldn’t be  my headache because  I’m not from that community. I don’t  know who and who are contesting  I’m  not from there, they have not even presented a candidate  to us, if you are not from a community  how can you be pocnosing in the affairs  of that community.

“I’m  too busy for that, I don’t  even know who is Aloy, I don’t  know the contestant so it’s  not possible that I have a hand.

“Me and you we are in Ebonyi, I can’t  even remember government lifting the ban, I know that in Eccuminical center during the enlarged security meeting we held during Effium crisis,  the governor said that to fill in this vacancies  because we considered  that most of these places that are having major crisis are where there  traditional rulers are no more alive. “The governor  proposed  for a regent  for 6 months, it was very clear, I don’t  know were all these troubles, you know people stay in their villages  when they finish eating they will just get up and say one thing.  So I’m  not even  aware  that they have started ezeship  processes  in my place oo, nobody has informed  me and I can’t  be reacting to rumors  at my level”. Said the SSG.

However Mr Emmanuel Nwafor could not be reached as he declined answering calls place across his phone as at the time of this report.



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