Breaking: Manchester City humiliate Manchester United 4-1


Manchester United players celebrate victory. Photo: Sky Sports

Manchester City humiliate Manchester United 4-1

By Valentine Amanze

Manchester City has maintained its lead at the Premier League with a 4-1 their neighbour, Manchester United at Etihad Stadium on Sunday March 6, 2022.

Kevin De Bruyne hit double; one in the fifth and second in the 33rd minutes, while Jadon Sancho pulled one back for United in the 22nd minute.

As Manchester United players fizzled out in the second half, City uped their game to grab their third through a perfect corner kick converted by Riyad Mahrez. Mahrez made it four in the 86th minute.

No doubt, Manchester United missed their main strikers, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eddison Cavani, and defender Raphaël Varane, it was not enough reason for their defencive frailities in the game dominated by City with 85 percent ball possession in the second half.

For Manchester United to remain relevant in the Premier League and make Top Four, their defenders will have to up their games.


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