Ebonyi governor appeals sack order




Judge was biased, misled – Umahi


By Nweze Anaga, Abakaliki

The embattled Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has appealed his removal in office and that of his deputy by the Federal High Court judgement on Tuesday, alleging that the judge was bias and misled by members of the People’s Democratic party (PDP).

He also disclosed that he had already filed a stay of execution on the judgement at Enugu.

The governor, who spoke on Wednesday, denied the alleged castigation of Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) on the issue, denying ever said anything against the union.

Besides, he insisted that the judge should be cautioned.

The governor disclosed these while addressing party supporters who organized rally to show solidarity  support to his government.

His words: “The case of Amaechi that they quoted; the Supreme Court has said, ‘do not cite the case again.’ So, the blame is to the PDP lawyers and I am using the opportunity to let Nigerians know that nobody castigated the judge and we will not.

“We even made comments yesterday because the matter was not before any judge. Today, we have Appeal; we have done three things. We have done the Appeal at Enugu and when I said that we have two judgments; I said that the judgment in Ebonyi State, which has equal powers with that Abuja, I said we will obey the judgment in Ebonyi State, we will Appeal the judgment of Abuja High Court, we did not say we will disobey otherwise we will not Appeal. So, we are before the Appeal in Enugu and we are before the Appeal in Abuja and we have also filed stay of execution over there. So, we are still the governor and deputy governor of your state.

“I don’t want you to go against the law. What people thought is for evil, it has promoted your Governor to the next level. I want to thank Nigerians, I want to thank Ebonyi people. I am just here for two things to you; one is to be very peaceful, number two is to tell you that we have still very serious confidence in the judiciary.

“The NBA Chairman published something and I spoke to the press and I said the Judge is biased but when we spoke this afternoon, we understood ourselves and I said that the lawyers of PDP, they were the people that did the hatchet job and I said that the lawyers of the PDP were the people that were doing forum shopping and I am going to write the NBA to discipline them because you know, the judge was misled. In Bayelsa governorship election, APC won the election but because there was defect in the credentials of the Deputy, the Supreme Court in their wisdom saw that the votes cast in any election belongs to the candidates and not the party but lawyers knew about this but they misled the judge.

“Do not comment against the judiciary at all, the same thing goes with  the House of Assembly. Yesterday, I made it very clear that the Supreme Court has said that for any defection in the legislative houses, that the presiding officer who is the Speaker or the Senate President has the duty and not the court to declare the seat vacant. And so, we have Appeal against that and our House of Assembly is still intacts. So, there is nothing to entertain any fear; go about your business very peacefully and let me assure the NBA Chairman that he is a perfect gentleman and that we will never insult the judiciary. We have confidence in the judiciary and I know they will do the right thing and we have engaged eight SAN to proceed to Abuja. We have engaged 10 SAN to proceed to Enugu. Do not be angry about anything, it is for our promotion.

“What the people intended for evil, God has turned it for good. When it happened yesterday, God told me be still and know that I am God. And so, you will see what God is going to do, Nigerians are fighting for us.”




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