Gunmen chase away soldiers in  Anambra


Unknown gunmen. Source: Youtube

Gunmen chase away soldiers in  Anambra

By Okey Maduforo, Awka

Gunmen have stuck at the Agulu Town Hall, Anambra State, chasing away Nigerian soldiers mounting roadblock in the along Agulu – Ekwulobia road at the weekend.

The gunmen, who arrived the area, Saturday afternoon, with a Hilux van and a Toyota Highlander, took the soldiers aback with sporadict shooting, which forced the soldiers to run for safety.

The shooting, Nigeria News Flight gathered, lasted for several hours.

Eyewitness said that the gunmen were chanting chanting, “Release Nnamdi Kanu”, as they opened fire at the solders who fled from their duty posts for safety.

The gunmen, according to the eyewitness, were carrying heavy assault rifles with several magazines as they chased the solders.

“They comfronted the soldiers at Agulu Town Hall face to face. The soldiers ran for their lives.

“They [gunmen] kept  on shooting guns in the air, while shouting, ‘Release Nnamdi Kanu For us,’ ‘Release Nnamdi Kanu For us.’

“They were so confident and relaxed and they were not in a hurry because nobody was there to challenge them and no one could, when you witness the kind of superior fire power they have,” she said.

It is not clear yet if lives were lost or number of those that were injured as at the time of the report.

The state Police Command is being expected to react to the incident as soon as they are ready.


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