Keep away from Igbo land, IPOB warns Wike


Keep away from Igbo land, IPOB warns Wike

By Valentine Amanze


Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has cautioned Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State not to step into any of the South East states (five Igbo states) again.

This followed the declaration by the governor that he was not Igbo, and his recent visit to Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Alfred Achebe, in Anambra State.

IPOB, in a statement issued by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful, pointed out that such visits were part of the reasons the youths were not happy with Igbo leaders.

The group also warned Igbo leaders not to host the governor again.

It stated: “IPOB will not take it lightly on any person who intends of hosting Nyesom Wike in the hinterland after the genocide he committed in #Obigbo and he declared that he is not an Igboman.

“Wike is a genocidist and should not be forgiven. His father took over Igbo propperty in the name of abandoned property and he trained Wike with the money he accumulated from abandoned property he collected from Igbo people in Igweocha after the war of genocide against the Igbo in 1970, which moved Wike to hate anything associated with Igbo; but he should not come for Igbo vote. We are warning him.

Is Wike coming to urinate on the graves of the Igbo youths he slaughtered in Obigbo during the #EndSARS protests? His visits to any Igbo state is highly provocative because some of the Igbo youths taken into several security cells in the Northern states are yet to return. Wike and his advisers should stop daring IPOB and Igbo youths.”

IPOB also asked: “Those hosting Wike now, where were they when Wike was ordering the killing of Igbo youths at Obigbo? They all maintained criminal silence then. Are they now rewarding him for killing Igbo youths? Love for money has enslaved elders and traditional rulers who should know better but we won’t tolerate that anymore.”


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