Peter Obi: Fashion and politics

Peter Obi in Lagos on Tuesday March 22, 2022.

Peter Obi

By Valentine Amanze

Labour Party (LP) Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, is not only making waves in Nigerian politics and business but in fashion.

The man, who is likely the messiah Nigerians are waiting for in 2023, has joined the bandwagon of the popular Nigerian politicians, who made waves with unique their style and fashion.

Obi with UK prime minister

The late Obafemi Awolowo created own identity with cap and circle-shaped eyeglasses; the late Michael Okpara, and the lake MKO Abiola had their different types of cap, while the late Okotie Eboh made waves with his Niger Delta long robes.

Peter Obi (file photo)

Obi, like the successful politicians, has created identity with his fashion style.

Always wearing what fashion-crazy Nigerians call “Senator”, Obi stands out in a crowd wearing it. As a governor in Anambra State, Obi made popular the Nigerian-made Ankra by wearing it always.

No wonder he caught the eyes of the world with his dress sense and style during a meeting with UK prime minister recently.

Obi in London


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