Let’s take our country back (Theme Song)


Let’s take our country back (Theme Song)

By Simon Njoku

Peter Obi

Oh, compatriots unite, let’s take Nigeria back from those who have plundered it right from demise of military rule.

How long shall the plunder continue, while we stand aside and look?

Go, collect your PVC; for change is insight!

With your PVC you can change the story and take your country back; join the movement for a new Nigeria, with Peter Obi as the arrow head.

This is not the time to sit on the fence!

If you want a bright future for your children, political cohesion and economic prosperity, do something right now: Go for your PVC, elect Obi president.

My brother,  I say do something now; my sister, I say do something now; daddy, I say do something now; mummy, I say do something now.

Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, I say do something now to elect the president of your dream!

We must change the old order only with our PVC. So join the Obidient Movement, the bandwagon of change.

The time has finally come for the march to take Nigeria back from the clutches of political merchants;

And the youth must take Nigeria back from the old politicians to usher in the new order.

Peter Obi is the face of the new order, the new Nigeria that our hearts crave for; so do something today to make Obi president tomorrow!

My brother, I say do something now…




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