‘Obidients’ not looking for person to deliver ward, but one to save Nigeria, Obi’s aide tutors Igbokwe


Obi and Baba-Ahmed (file photo)

‘Obidients’ not looking for person to deliver ward, but one to save Nigeria, Obi’s aide tutors Igbokwe

By Valentine Amanze

Mr Valentine Obienyem, the media aide to the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 general election, Mr. Peter Obi, has told Mr. Joe Igbokwe, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Lagos State Commissioner for Environment, that Nigerians were satisfied with the emergence of Sanator Yusuf Baba-Ahmed as the LP vice-presidential candidate.

He reminded Igbokwe that the “Obidients” were not looking for a person that would deliver his ward, a local champion, but a person capable of delivering the totality of Nigeria.

Obienyem was reacting to Igbokwe’s post criticising Obi’s choice of Yusuf Baba-Ahmed as vice-president.

The media aide said at the weekend that Igbokwe’s criticism could mean that the APC chieftain was already thinking about the success of Mr. Peter Obi.

His words: “Oh,  Uncle Joe Igbokwe is thinking about the success of Mr. Peter Obi otherwise how else do we explain this his post? From his post, it appears he actually prayed that Obi should choose a person that would deliver for him so that he wins the election. Does he not appear dejected that Obi made the wrong choice?

“If you are close to Uncle Joe, tell him that  “Obidients” are not looking for a person that will deliver his ward, a local champion, but a person that will deliver the totality of Nigeria.

“Should he be patriotically concerned with the man’s ward or his pedigree and competence? Has it not bothered Joe that Nigerians are now looking for those that are healthy and competent to withstand the rigours of governance, while he is still stocked at the elite descriptive quip, ‘He cannot deliver his ward’, a veiled imprimatur for old, corrupt, turn-by-turn  politicians.’’

Obienyem also pointed out that Baba-Ahmed’s young age and intelligence endeared him to the youths, who were clamouring for a true change.

“Look at the  the VP’s age, what else shall the youth demand from such a choice? This is a clear sign of the desire to break away from the past and allow the youth take over their country.

“Have you listened to the VP speak? He is among the most perceptive and penetrating mind. Together with Obi, they will certainly represent a progressive force we need in this country. A force that will establish political stability, restore morality, protect lives and property, end banditry, reassure the people, aid industry and transform the country from consumption to production,” he said.

Recall that Igbokwe had posted: “It is political suicide to pick a VP candidate who cannot deliver something as ordinary as his LGA for you in a presidential election. Anyways, everyone will wake up from the social media delusion soon. Kwankwaso can deliver his state and many former Govs will also do well. When we criticize, we are doing so with deep understanding of Nigeria. One thing is clear now, this is nothing serious but just a social media good feeling presidency dream.”




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