2023: Vote for credibility, selflessness, Niger ex-governor Aliyu advises Nigerians


Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu (file photo)

2023: Vote for credibility, selflessness, Niger ex-governor Aliyu advises Nigerians

.Aliyu laments rising insecurity

By Valentine Amanze

The former Governor of Niger State, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, has asked Nigerians to save the country and the future of their children by voting for candidates, who feel their pains, and are familiar with the socio-economic challenges citizens have been subjected to in the past seven years.

He also lamented the worsening insecurity, particularly in Minna, the Niger State capital, and the seeming lack of concern by the government in reversing the trend.

Aliyu, who spoke during the ‘‘Sallah Treat’’, part of the activities to mark the 2022 Eid-el-kabir, at his residence, pointed out that the numerous security challenges had made citizens lose confidence in government, stressing, “No one is safe anywhere in Nigeria.”

“It is worrisome that the security situation is not getting any better hence people now live in fear. No one is safe even within Minna metropolis as some hoodlums continue to inflict pains on Nigerlites and nobody is talking or tried to stop them.

“Nigerians can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed because of worsening security situation. Believe me we all now know those who are behind Boko-Haram, armed bandits except we don’t want to tell ourselves the truth,” the former governor lamented.

Aliyu however pointed out that the situation in Niger State was more pathetic as the criminals operate unchallenged and unhindered.

“The people that have continued to cause breach of peace, do they not have parents? Is there nobody in change to call them to order and for how long do we continue to live in fear in our own country?

On next year’s general election, Aliyu advised Nigerians and Nigerlites in particular to vote for a President, Governor, National and State Assembly members who are desirous of rebuilding the badly fragmented country to restore confidence in the minds of Nigerians.

While urging Nigerians to eschew peace and show love for one another irrespective of ethno-religious and tribal differences, Aliyu said, “Without peace there will be no progress, without peace there will be no development.

Aliyu also cautioned against money politics and its attendant consequences on citizens and the future of the country, saying “If you collect money, for four years they will continue to do the wrong and we will continue to suffer”.

“Vote wisely, vote for the right people who are ready to lead or serve the interest of the greater percentage of Nigerians and if we do so, as Nigerians we will have everything working for us and the future of our children and those yet unborn will also be guaranteed”.




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