Day flood, canal water threatened Canal View Estate residents in Lagos


One of houses hit by the flood at Canal View Estate. Photo: Val Amanze

Day flood, canal water threatened Canal View Estate residents in Lagos

Residents task govt on dredging of canal

By Valentine Amanze

Refuse inside the canal: Photo: Val Amanze

For residents of Canal View Estate and its environs, July 6 and 7, 2022 will ever remain green in their memories. Within the two days of heavy rainfall the residents wailed and lamented the state government’s non-provision and maintainance of infrastructure in the area.

They wondered if there was government, which cared for its citizens as they watched, helplessly, the combination of flood from the heavy rains and that from over-floating canal destroy their properties worth billions of naira.

A resident of Moses Odume Ebokiti Street in the Canal View Estate, Mr. Oduayo Modupe, wondered what the Lagos State Environment Ministry was doing with its yealy budget, as its presence was not being felt in the area, which is in the outskirt of Jakande Estate, Isolo, and shares boundry with Ago Palace Way via Fasheun bridge.

He said that the flood, which has become an annual ritual, washed away the link-road connecting Canal View Estate and Ago Palace Way, also in Isolo Local Government Area.

Modupe told Nigeria News Flight that both individuals and the Landlords’ Association of the area had made several appeals to the state government and the Isolo Local Government Area to check the perennial flooding; but failed.

Another resident, Mr. John Ibekwe, who just rented an apartment in the area, said that he hadn’t seen such destructive flood before.

He narrated that he was in his office, when the rain started; and before he could return, water had entered his apartment and destroyed his important decumments and properties.

The canal at Ago. Photo: Val Amanze

“Where will I start? All my certificates and other vital decumments were destroyed by the flood, which lasted for more than three days.

“I even ask whether the area is part of Lagos. The government must do something urgently to remedy the situation,” he said.

But on further investigation, Nigeria News Flight gathered that the over-floating of the canal near the estate was the major cause of the flooding.

It was gathered that water underground was forced into people’s homes because of the blockage of some parts of the canal under the Fredrick Fasheun bridge Ago with refuse.

A resident of the area, Johnson Idowu, said that since the construction of the bridge flood had been disturbing the area especially during the rainy season.

Idowu said that with the neglect of the area by both the local and state governments, some residents and truck pushers had been dumping refuse in the canal.

The dumping of wastes in the canal, he said, must stop to avoid disaster in the area.

According to him, the hips of refuse have grown big to obstruct the free-flow of water in the canal.

Besides, he said that dredging of the canal was the solution to heavy flooding of the area.

Fasheun bridge at Ago. Photo: Val Amanze

Idowu also wondered why those, who tolled the bridge would not maintain the canal under it, stressing that when it rains the area is cut-off as vehicles stop operation.

He said that while more rains were being awited in Lagos in July, it was important for the state Ministry of Environment to step up work in the area.

His words: “Time has come for the canal to be dredged. It has not been dredged for the past 20 years.”

Recall that in 2002 many Lagosians drowned in the canal, while running away from bomb blasts at a military facility in Ikeja, Lagos.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Environment, Joe Igbokwe, must wake up to his responsibilities. Work under his ministry is critical for rural development.

Let the commissioner be seen to be working. Time for dancing political drums are over. Lagos is filthy again under him.


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