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COP27: Still talk, no progress – FOEI

November 11, 2022, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt: Seven women from the global south lead the way, as hundreds of protestors stage a flooding of the venue of the United Nations climate change conference COP27. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert


‘We didn’t like the #ParisAgreement, but we had to settle for it. It is a legal treaty’


Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) has scored the climate negotiations in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt low on progress even with more talk by the United States and other rich countries.

The FoEI, in a press briefing on November 18 as the talks drew to a close, decried the lack of progress in the Loss and Damage Finance discussion and the crucial climate pledge of $100 billion by rich countries that is yet to be met.

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Speakers at the event included Meena Ramam of Friends of the Earth Malaysia,

Tatiana Roa of Friends of the Earth Colombia,  Karen Orenstein, Friends of the Earth US, Soumya Dutta, Friends of the Earth India, and moderated by Sara Shaw of Friends of the Earth International.

Meena Ramam of Friends of the Earth Malaysia said: “We didn’t like the #ParisAgreement, but we had to settle for it. It is a legal treaty. The biggest barrier here is the US & EU who do not understand equity and historical responsibility, and are wreaking havoc over a legal treaty settled seven years ago!”

Soumya Dutta of Friends of the Earth, India, said: “Dangerous references to carbon removal, ocean geoengineering and nature based offsets have been brought up in talks on #CarbonMarkets.

“What we’ve seen from these projects in India and worldwide is devastation of forest, lands and livelihoods for so many people.”

Tatiana Roa, Friends of the Earth Colombia said: “The real and true zero emissions is to leave hydrocarbons and coal in the subsoil. #ClimateJustice and a just energy transition will only be possible with system change that addresses injustices for the most vulnerable people.”

Karen Orenstein of Friends of the US said: “The US is generally not a fair player in the UNFCCC, but here they are outstandingly bad. Even if the US can’t contribute to a #LossAndDamage fund, they should not block the rest of the world from setting it up. They must get out of the way!”

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