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Reflections on the Super Eagles’ defeat

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‘Survival in Nigeria is honestly not in sight unless something drastic happens’

By Valentine Obienyem

The loss of the Super Eagles is undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow, especially given the consensus that the Ivorian team outperformed them.

However, beyond this defeat, what should truly concern us as Nigerians is the state of our nation. Patriotism goes beyond mere lip service or blind loyalty; it entails genuine distress when our country is faltering, as Nigeria currently is.

During the match, many lamented the lack of electricity to watch it. Nigeria ranks among the worst countries in terms of power supply, with the alarming absence of viable alternatives exacerbating the situation.

Who can afford fuel to power the generators? The average cost of electricity per month today for low-income Nigerians is far higher than the minimum wage.  

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Now and then, we hear of the collapse of the national grid, why are those of other countries not collapsing? What about other costs? The same low income salary can no longer cover simple treatments such as antibiotics for illnesses like typhoid.

How much does original Augmentin cost today? Survival in Nigeria is honestly not in sight unless something drastic happens.

The harsh reality is that Nigeria is teetering on the brink of unrest. With basic needs unmet, it’s only a matter of time before hungry individuals resort to desperate measures, potentially leading to widespread civil unrest and chaos.

One measure I foresee is stopping and vandalizing vehicles transporting food items. It’s really bad and we must tell ourselves the bitter truth!

The most logical question to ask today is, which way Nigeria?

.Obienyem, a lawyer and current affairs analysits, writes from Awka.

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