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Soludo under fire for defending Tinubu on economy

Charles Soludo | Photo: Channelstv

‘Your bid to take shield in APC will not retain you in Anambra Government House. You are free to romance with them as much as you like’

By Valentine Amanze

Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo, is under fire, as critics descend on him for saying that President Bola Tinubu administration inherited a dead economy from its predecessors.

Incedentally, Soludo, who was faulting the policies of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today programme, was one of the advisers of the immediate past president, Muhammadu Buhari, on economy.

His comments did not impress many Nigerians, who poured their emotions in X (formally Twitter) on Friday.

While calling Soludo a sycophant, who wants to curry Tinubu’s favour for a second-term bid, they wondered why he did not caution Buhari, who made him member of his economic team.

For instance, Anti-Agbado! @Oserume1 stated: “When Buhari was President and killing the Economy, why didn’t he say it as a foremost economist? Soludo is a Solid coward!”

Introvert @191Introvert stated: “Funny how people voted for the same institution that failed us for 8 years .”

Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda: “Why am I even laughing?”

Kelvin @Kelvin18123: “Charlie [Soludo] is hoping on Tinubu for his second tenure.”



“Useless statement from a man.”


@Pa_Chijo: “A Professor giving excuses for bad leadership.”



“Story telling has started.

“Is it not Tinubu that installed Buhari and enabled the stealing?”


@AhuchaoguOgo: “We can see where your music is coming from. Your bid to take shield in APC will not retain you in Anambra Government House. You are free to romance with them as much as you like.’’


@limitbreaker_35: “Do your one tenure finish and come and be going home Mr Man.”

MrLoveday ❤

@AnosikeStanley: “So who killed the economy?

That’s the question?

And the answer is ‘na the same people.’”

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Soudo on Thursday said: “This economy inherited a dead economy. From a macroeconomic point of view, this government inherited a dead horse that was still standing and people didn’t know it was dead.

“Because you can’t pour water on a rock and not expect the rock not to be wet, there are humungous challenges and I think it is important that Nigerians understand this and it is not a tea party.

“We sat here in this country and  saw  the monetary authorities literally printing money, illegally I must say, because I superintended the development of  drafting of the 2007 Bank Act.

“And to prevent us from where we are today, that is why we had an explicit clause there that prevents Central Bank  from lending recklessly to the Federal Government.

“That you can not grant to the Federal Government more than 5 per cent of the previous year’s actual revenue.”

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