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2023 election: Why U.S. Oboama community endorsed Peter Obi, Labour Party

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‘We’re tired and growing weary of playing the roles of a government’


By Valentine Amanze


The Oboama Ezinihitte Mbaise community in U.S. on the platform of Oboama Development Union USA (ODUUSA) has appealed to Nigerians including the Oboama citizens to vote for Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) flagbearer in the 2023 general election.

The group made the appeal in a statement made available to Nigeria NEWS Flight by its Public Relations Office, Mr Gethsemani Ugochukwu Iheoma.

The ODUUSA stated that it was supporting Obi and the Labour Party (LP) because the current and previous governments in Nigeria failed the citizens by abdicating their responsibilities.

In a statement titled, “A letter to my Oboama kinsmen and women in Nigeria,” the group lamented the hardship in the country, stressing that “Obi is the solution.”

“We’re overconfident that Peter Obi will deliver and turn this nation around for the good and progress of all Nigerians.

“We are sounding a clear warning and caution to all our people of the choice before you come Saturday, February 25, 2023. Do not vote for a bad government that denies you all the basic amenities and expect the Diasporas to continue to perform those functions that elected leaders supposed to perform.

“It won’t happen again,” it stated.

The community pointed out that before Peter  Obi came into the scene, “We had little or no choice of anyone or someone who could have changed our current woes and misfortunes, but now that we have a credible candidate in the person of Peter Obi.

“ if we don’t see at least 95 percent of total vote counts for him, nobody should expect much from the diasporas.”

He recalled that 99 percent of developmental projects in Oboama were through self-help and mostly financial contributions from ODUUSA without government’s assistance.

ODUUSA also pointed out that it helped build the Central School Oboama,  renovated Community School Oboama (LA Primary School), built toilet facilities for the Oboama Secondary School.

It also disclosed that it provided Oboama citizens with millions of naira in COVID-19 assistance, while many countries in Europe and America including Asian countries- their governments paid thousands in dollars and euros to their citizens including house rents.

“We’re tired and growing weary of playing the roles of a government.

“ODUUSA contributed millions to help ndi Umuatum community with their electric transformer project.

“ODUUSA contributed millions to ndi Umuohi community to help curtail their erosion menace.

“So, we have legitimate stake as to the outcome of this Presidential election. We can channel some of these funds into scholarships and other charitable ventures if Obi wins the presidential election,” it stated.

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