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Tribute: Bob Marley, the freedom fighter

‘As we remember Bob Marley’s death today (May 11, 2024), we pray that what he stood for – Love, peace, unity and equality – will reign in the world. One Love’ By Valentine Amanze (10-05-2024) Bob Marley | File Image The late Robert Nesta Marley aka Bob Marley signifies different things to many of his […]

Nigeria: Where terrorisn is business

If the rag-tag terrorists could easily attack their target in Kaduna, it means no one is save in Nigeria By Valentine Amanze (18-3-2024) Nigeria has gradually become very notorious and sophisticated in terrorism. Daily, people pay ransome for the freedom of their beloved ones, while others are burying theirs killed by the marauding terrorists. Even […]

Reflecting on Nigeria’s new refugee status

Nigeria is not at war but hunger is ravaging the citizens of the self-acclaimed Giant of Africa. By Valentine Amanze (7-03-2024) Growing up in the late 60s in the South-East Nigeria was not easy. It came with mixed feelings. I recall observing the mass movement of people, especially from the present Rivers State, looking for […]

Taming the Rivers’ political monster

Wike’s interest and Fubara’s relevance as governor ‘Why must the selfish interest of one man hold the whole state to ransome?’ By Valentine Amanze (5-02-2024) Wike and Fubara | File Image The political crisis in Rivers State is becoming very intense and dangerious for Nigeria’s democracy. People are dying like flies everyday, while properties worth […]

Uzoka-Anite: Officiating the rquiem mass for Nigeria’s industrial sector

From January 2023 till date, no fewer than seven multinationals including Unilever, GSK Plc, P&G, have either left or announced their decision to exit the country By Valentine Amanze (29-01-2024) Dr. Doris Nkiruka Uzoka-Anite Dr. Doris Nkiruka Uzoka-Anite, no doubt, is Nigeria’s current Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment of Nigeria; and not Foreign Affairs […]

Betta Edu’s debut in corruption-infested society

Edu, no doubt, is the product of the system that brought her to limelight By Valentine Amanze (21-1-2024) Dr Betta Edu | Image: Premium Times Nigeria’s suspended Humanitarian and Poverty Alliteration Minister, Dr Betta Edu, is not different from many other public officeholders in Nigeria. They drink and eat corruption. The slite difference is she […]

Judiciary: Nigeria’s rubbished institution

Bulkachuwa, who represented Bauchi North senatorial district in the 9th Senate, confirmed infringing on the “freedom and independence” of his wife, Zainab, while serving as a judge and President of the Court of Appeal By Valentine Amanze (8-11-2023) Judiciary is the hope of the common man worldwide. In Nigeria it is not so. The 2023 […]

Adeleke: From dancing hall to Osun govt house

Governor Adeleke when he won his case in Supreme Court| File photo ‘Mr governor, they call you a dancer. But you are dancing to praise God. And I heard you are working hard for your people’ By Valentine Amanze (17-10-2023) The Biblical King David said that so long the Lord blessed him, he would continue […]

Dangote Refinery: Waiting for Buhari’s game changer

‘The non-functioning of Nigeria’s three big refineries with billions of dollars injected into them yearly for turn-around maintenance is suspicious; even with the president as petroleum minister’ By Valentine Amanze (30-09-2023) Nigerian leaders will not stop amusing me with their little or no knowledge of the economy. I feel sad on the decay in governance […]

Tears, sorrows of Lagos flood

‘Before I could organize myself and wake the children, all my electronics, books and other household items including food stuff worth millions of naira were gone in the midnight rain’ By Valentine Amanze (22-09-20230 Lagos floods have remained without solution for a long time. Reason: No government in the state has really shown commitment to […]