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Ororo-1 inferno: A tragic case of injustice and environmental destruction

Ororo-1 | File Photo ‘What is needed is an understanding that the cost of this unattended disaster is far higher than the cost of drilling relief wells and other actions to quench the flames and save the communities’  By Nnimmo Bassey For over three years, the Ororo -1 Well at OML95 has been burning with […]

Building resilient movements, peoples power, and challenging systems

Nnimmo Bassey | File Photo ‘We must always bear in mind that for a movement to be successful it must have a clear target and be built as an agent of change’ By Nnimmo Bassey Our drive for building resilience and people power is not one for the sake of strengthening our communities to take […]

Gaza: Abati, Rufai’s view on Isreal

‘Despite having the capability to destroy Gaza, Israel carefully selects its targets and issues warnings to minimize civilian harm’ By Val Obienyem Sometimes, in our efforts to maintain objectivity, we may unintentionally become unrealistic.  Here’s a perspective on Dr. Reuben Abati and Mr. Oseni Rufai’s views expressed on Arise TV. In the context of the […]

Over-consumption of salt: Time to act is now

A bag of salt | Photo: Google ‘The changes in the country’s dietary patterns, also marked by an increased sodium consumption in home-made meals, elevate the risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases’ By Olukemi Bukola Nigeria records an estimated daily salt consumption of 5.8 grams daily, dangerously exceeding the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended […]

Obayi’s outburst against his Bishop

Bishop Godffrey Onah| Photo: Guardian ‘Bishop Onah mandated me to build a museum where I would keep the deities I remove from villages. I spent N2.8 million to build the museum upstairs inside the cathedral and reported to my bishop. The only ‘thank you’ I got from my bishop was that he asked me where […]

Achebe: Thank you, Soludo

Chinua Achebe | Photo: Google ‘Achebe’s life is greatly appreciated today because, unlike those we might consider his contemporaries, who are currently vacillating between truth and falsehood, Achebe remained consistent until his death’ By Valentine Obienyem A few days ago, Mr. Peter Obi delivered a lecture at Princeton University in New Jersey, commemorating 40 years […]

Opinion: Tinubu and his cases in U.S.

President Bola Tinubu | File photo ‘Has the American cases shattered the foundation of the party? Is the President going to resign or wait for futher disgrace?’ By Godwin Iroadu The scenerio is changing very fast. Things are going to alter with speed. The house of APC is in serious uncertainty. Has the American cases […]

Why Supreme Court should overturn Presidential Election Petition Court verdict

‘Dismissing an important electoral petition concerning the character of President Bola Tinubu to hold an exalted public office on mere whimsical and capricious technicalities, in my humble view, is a disservice to what is reasonably justifiable in a democratic society’ By Sonnie Ekwowusi We all foresaw the vexatious verdict of the Presidential Election Petition Court […]

May Nigeria not die again!

By Valentine Obienyem The death of our previous democracies was both violent and natural. The fatal agents were the organic disorder of the system in the form of bribery and corruption, nepotism, thuggery and rigging of elections. Also read: For Tinubu’s Nigeria, it’s ‘from frying pan to fire’ The guns of rampaging coupists merely added […]

The Failure of GMOs 

By Joyce Brown The world today, Africa inclusive, battles with several food system related issues – biodiversity loss, soil degradation, non-communicable diseases and climate change. While these challenges require urgent attention, it is pertinent that we carefully examine approaches that are formulated to solve them. There is a popular saying that “two wrongs cannot make […]