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Ode to Buhari from Tinubu

Buhari and Tinubu  Utterances of a lover about to kill his mistress and himself By Patrick Imo Sleep, my beloved, sleep! be patient! – we shall keep our secret closely hid beneath the coffin-lid. There is no other place on earth or air for such a love as ours, or such despair! And neither hell […]

What a country!

‘some sicknesses are as a result of having done something that is physiologically foolish, such as consuming a lot of hard substances’ By Valentine Obienyem The way “Mr. Selected President” was being carefully guided and guarded by his security aides means that they were properly briefed on the state of his mind and body. They […]

Reflections on the Buhari era

Ex-President Muhammadu Buhari (file photo) By Valentine Obienyem The major obstacle to Nigeria’s meaningful development remains the crisis of leadership. Writers and commentators on public affairs often quote today as if written yesterday, a passage on this as aptly captured by   the literary icon, Chinua Achebe in his book, The Trouble with Nigeria.   Between the […]

Nigeria’s challenging green energy future

Nigerian flag (file photo) ‘We suppose that the incoming government will implement the Nigeria Energy Transition Plan and other policy templates, such as the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) from the outgoing government’ By Kome Odhomor This round-table could not have come at a more critical moment than now when climate change alarm bells are ringing. […]

Why Peter Obi visited Soyinka

Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi (left) and Prof Wole Soyinka during a visit…recently. Photo: Vanguard ‘No matter the provocation, you are not expected to fight your father; instead, you allow  fraternal love to overshadow whatever object of provocation’ By Valentine Obienyem To understand Mr. Peter Obi’s visit to Prof. Wole Soyinka, I shall […]

Making Peter Obi the issue

Obi addressing supporters in Katsina, January 26, 2023. By Emeka Alex Duru (08054103327, The reasons the Labour Party presidential candidate in the February 25 election, Peter Obi, cried out the other day that he was under intense pressure to leave the country are becoming clearer. He is really in huge stress and in a […]

Bandits in high places: INEC on my mind

INEC boss, Mahmoud Yakubu (file photo) ‘He has no scruples – he challenges his victims who escape his lethal weapons to go to court’ By Dianam Dakolo A bandit is an outlaw; he robs people, particularly, travellers, including politicians seeking to move into public office. He has no scruples – he challenges his victims who […]

Big Tent odyssey and saving democracy in Nigeria

‘Strong institutions and values remain key therefore to saving Nigeria and true Patriots are obliged to intensify the struggle as we smell freedom from the hard work of Obidients and the Big Tent in 2023’   By Pat Utomi   There are many still in shock about February 25 and March 18, 2023 elections. This […]

Chrisland: ,Who bears responsibility for Whitney Adeniran’s death?

Whitney Adeniran   ‘In Whitney’s case, her school’s failure to implement such safety measures during the sports event proved catastrophic’   By Zikora Ibeh   Within a blink of an eye, the bright spark that was Whitney Adeniran, a cherished 12-year-old student, brimming with life and potential at Chrisland International High School, was extinguished during […]

Chimaroke Nnamani and his tribe

Chimaroke Nnamani   ‘The statements by Chimaroke Nnamani have revealed to discerning Nigerians and Nigeria-watchers the inherent selfishness and myopia of some Igbo politicians and so-called leaders’   By Valentine Obienyem   Considering the appalling tone of his offerings, one is inclined to wonder how many people read the surfeit of tweets from a past […]