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Churches shouldn’t get involved into politics – Nwifuru

Governor Francis Nwifuru | Photo: Nweze Anaga . To return mission schools to owners ‘I have always told people that I am not an ordinary person otherwise how can a former bricklayer, conductor, and motorcycle mechanic become governor of your state within a space of 10 years?’ By Nweze Anaga, Abakaliki Governor Francis Nwifuru of […]

Ororo-1 inferno: A tragic case of injustice and environmental destruction

Ororo-1 | File Photo ‘What is needed is an understanding that the cost of this unattended disaster is far higher than the cost of drilling relief wells and other actions to quench the flames and save the communities’  By Nnimmo Bassey For over three years, the Ororo -1 Well at OML95 has been burning with […]