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Alaigbo Development Foundation congress holds April 15

Prof Uzodimma T Nwala | File Image

By Valentine Amanze

Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), an Igbo socio-economic and political organization, has postponed its World Congress to Monday April 15.

The ADF Chairman, Emeritus Professor T Uzodinma Nwala, disclosed this in a statement on Thursday.

He further stated that some of the documents at the ADF Secretariat were affected by the dubious activities of some criminals that broke into the office.

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Besides, he assured that by Monday, all relevant documents would be made available.

Pàrt of the statement reads: “For the last two days we have been engaged with the task of recovering the ADF Secretarist, which marauders criminally broke into.

“As a result, preparations for an effective and productive CONGRESS this evening (Thursday) had been affected.

“We are therefore pleading with ADF Congress men and women to please bear with us. The Congress is hereby postponed till Monday by 6.00pm.

“A formal announcement of the rescheduling shall follow immediately. The Congress shall still hold via Zoom.”

Recall that a 15-member transition committee was appointed at the last meeting of the group.

The appointment of the transition committee followed the dissolution of all organs of ADF by the ADF Congress, which is the supreme authority of the organization.

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