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Anambra: ‘My true stance on community leadership, governance’

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‘I advocate for democratic principles, transparency, and autonomy in our community governance, believing that authentic leadership must reflect the will of the people and foster accountability, integrity, and justice’

By Valentine Ozigbo

Some misrepresentations are circulating on social media about my stance on the selection and election of local leaders in our beloved Anambra State.

I must set the record straight to prevent further misunderstandings and ensure my actual position is clearly understood.

First, let me be absolutely clear: I have the utmost respect for every human being, regardless of their educational, social, cultural, religious, or professional background.

Claims that I referred to town union presidents or community leaders as “illiterates” are entirely false and misleading.

Minions of Governor Chukwuman Soludo are orchestrating this discredited social media campaign to distract Ndi Anambra from their principal’s ineffectual administration.

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The truth is that I deeply value the contribution of every person who serves the community with dedication and integrity from all walks of life.

My life has been one of service to humanity, and my core message is this: I advocate for democratic principles, transparency, and autonomy in our community governance, believing that authentic leadership must reflect the will of the people and foster accountability, integrity, and justice.

For the record, I believe that:

Democratic Elections for Market Leaders

Our market leaders should be chosen by the people they serve.

Leadership must reflect the true will of the community and not be appointed based on political allegiance to the governor or anyone else.

Autonomy of Town Unions

Town unions must be free to conduct their elections without external interference. No one should be forced to belong to a ruling political party or any other to qualify for leadership positions.

Independence of Traditional Rulers

Our traditional leaders, our esteemed Igwes, should have the autonomy to conduct their affairs independently and bestow chieftaincy titles based on community consensus.

The governor should not impose his associates in these roles. We saw this issue play out recently in Anaocha, where the abuse of power thwarted the community’s decision to honour me [Valentine Ozigbo], with the title of Enyioma Anaocha.

Church Independence

Our churches must have the autonomy to manage their mission schools and hospitals as per legal agreements with the Anambra State Government.

Political manoeuvering should not extend to these institutions, which are crucial in providing essential services to our communities.

Conduct of Local Government Elections

It has been over two years since Governor Soludo promised to conduct Local Government elections in our dear state. This promise still needs to be fulfilled. Local Government elections must be held to empower our grassroots communities to choose their leaders democratically, ensuring accountability and responsiveness to local needs.

The governor must stop appointing cronies into these positions for electoral gains.

In Conclusion

I firmly believe that when we uphold these democratic principles, we will see a significant reduction in issues such as touting, kidnapping, banditry, killings, theft, and other forms of criminality.

Establishing law and order is central to my vision for an Anambra State where citizens live without fear, with full agency, and perfect dignity.

I intend to uphold the ideas I hold dear.

I invite all stakeholders and citizens to join me in advocating for these values as we campaign for a more transparent, accountable, and democratic governance structure in Anambra State.

Misinterpretations and intentional distortions of my views only serve to distract from our essential task of improving governance and community leadership.

Together, we can build a better future for all.

Thank you, and may God bless Ndi Anambra.

.Ozigbo, the former governorship flagbearer in Anambra State and a chieftain of the Labour Party (LP), writes from Awka.

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