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Arewa group decries spate of female students’ abduction in North West

Haruna Aliyu Ningi addressing the press in Bauchi…recently. | Photo: Ahmed Ahmed

‘How can you say that after 90 days you cannot rescue these girls, in a state that we have a minister heading the ministry that deals with security?’

By Ahmed Ahmed

A Northern Nigerian group, Arewa Mu Farka, has raised alarm over high rate abduction of female students in the North West Nigeria.

It further lamented that 90 days after female students of the Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State were abducted, the victims were still in captivity.

The leader of the group, Haruna Aliyu Ningi, who raised the alarm at a conference in Bauchi on Tuesday, called on the federal government to direct the security agencies to intensify efforts and deploy all their intelligence to end the prolonged banditry in the sub-region.

He also called on the National Assembly to investigate allegations of highly placed persons’ involvement in the prolonged banditry in the North West to plunder resources of the country.

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Ningi said that the group had wanted to stage a peaceful protest over insecurity but shelved it after it was advised that miscreants might hijack it owing to the current hardship in the country.

He condemned the rising spate of abduction of female undergraduates in tertiary institutions and the inability to rescue the abducted students of the university.

“How can you say that after 90 days you cannot rescue these girls, in a state that we have a minister heading the ministry that deals with security?” he queried.

“Up till now we have not heard news concerning the abducted girls.

“This is not the first time that students are being abducted.

“Sadly, it has become like a deliberate act because it has occurred not once, not twice but more than three times.

“Nigeria military is known for its bravery and proactiveness  as demonstrated in the Maitatsine uprising in the 1980s which it quelled within 24 hours.

“I recall that our soldiers also acted swiftly in the issue in Zaki Biam and during the regime of late Umar Yar’adua who was to travel to Brazil when the issue of Boko Haram surfaced, gave marching  order to the military to arrest  the leader of the terrorist  group within 24 and  the order was carried out

“It is sad that the military today is unable to arrest notorious bandit Turji and others that are terrorizing residents in the sub region for the past six years  particularly in Zamfara

“People’s suspicion is being raised that the bandits are being used to steal the resources of the country under the guise of banditry. This is mere allegation but it is worth investigating.

“Second, we know our military is best in what it does and have the equipment to succeed at their disposal, but how come mistakes are being made that lead to loss of our soldiers in 10 years?

“We urge that if this lapses is as a result of negligence, then something should be done to expose those involved.”

He also called for thorough investigation of the recent accidental bombing in a village in Kaduna State by the Nigeria Army, saying such ‘mistakes’ have become one to many.

“Whosoever is behind such ‘mistakes’ should be punished according to the military laws because failure to punish such emboldens officers to carry out  similar ‘mistakes’ because nothing is being done to serve as deterrent.”

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