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Bayern Munich hires Thomas Tuchel, sacks Nagelsmann

Thomas Tuchel

Club management gets commendation over Tuchel’s appointment


By Valentine Amanze


The management of the German football club, Bayern Munich, has appointed Chelsea FC fomer manager, Thomas Tuchel, as the new boss. The club broke the news through @cfbayern on Friday.


Tuchel, who had been in a labour market after his sack by the new owner of Chelsea, succeeded Julian Nagelsmann.



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In a tweet by @cfbayern, Tuchel has accepted the offer on 2.5 years contract.


@ESPN FC reported that Tottenham and Real Madrid wanted the former Chelsea boss, while Bayern acted as they were afraid he would be gone from the market soon.


On Tuchel’s new job, Pickle Rick via @onlyhereforchel stated: “You know how good of a manager he is when one of the biggest clubs in the world sack their current coach who is doing well in both domestic and champions league in fear of losing Tuchel to another club.”


Also, Ludo de dos via @PurpleSmoke72, was exited on the newsbreak.

He tweeted: “So Real, Bayern wanted him, but Boehly and Chelsea thought Potter is better than him. Then you know Chelsea is becoming a shopping mall for clubs to come and buy players, but people here will tell us to back this guy that will keep us 10th until the rest of the season.”


In his own reaction, Collin

@chels4lyfe stated: “That’s how a serious club operates. BM has a standard and they can’t settle for less unlike our unserious owners who believe in throwing money at any problem. I wouldn’t mind having Nagelsmann as our coach, he’s better than Potter.”

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