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Buhari’s parting gift

A man, who rose to power by “any how means will equally hand over to any how person”


By Valentine Amanze



President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria will leave office after eight years of tears and sorrows on May 29, 2023 as stipulated in the nation’s constitution.

By my estimation, the president is now thinking about life after service full of loneliness and frustration.

He will be living alone in a world without syconphants and bootlickers after inflicting hardship on Nigerians.

The reality is that the unfriendly friends are deserting him for the incoming president.

When it eventually occurs, the Buhari would have enough time to have a closer on the Daura al-majeri population and his domestic animals he abandoned in the last eight years.

Such is life; nothing lasts forever.

For the admirers and supporters of the president, on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Buhari is a great leader; a man destined to rule a country plagued by insecurity and hunger.

But others think otherwise. They feel that the retired army general came, saw, and failed to conquer – what a wasted opportunity. The president has proved that he is a man of unkept promises.

In the last eight years of his inglorious reign, Buhari assured of a legacy that would remain indelible in the history of Nigeria.

He rose to power on the mantra of fighting corruption, insecurity and strengthening the economy in 2015 and ended up not jailing corrupt government officials, bandits and other criminals.

In his national broadcast of February 16, 2023, Buhari, as usual, came with rhetorics of deceit.

He stated: “Fellow citizens, on the 25th of February, 2023 the nation would be electing a new president and National Assembly members. I am aware that this new monetary policy [currency swap] has also contributed immensely to the minimization of the influence of money in politics.

“This is a positive departure from the past and represents a bold legacy step by this administration towards laying a strong foundation for free and fair elections.

“I urge every citizen, therefore, to go out to vote for their candidates of choice without fear because security shall be provided and your vote shall count.

“​I however admonish you to eschew violence and avoid actions capable of disrupting the electoral processes. I wish us all a successful General Elections.

“God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, Nigerians did not witness any credible election on February 25, 2023 presidential election but a massive rigging never seen in the country before. Of course, it favoured his party; and he kept mute irrespective of the violent clashes, which claimed innocent citizens.

A man, who rose to power by “any how means will equally hand over to any how person.”

While he may not comment on the highly manipulated presidential poll, I am yet to comprehend the effect of his currency swap on the election, when the supposedly target – politicians – have foreign bank accounts stuffed with dollars and pounds.

Mr President, you have not told us why the U.S. dollar was freely used at your party’s National Convention, which produced Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the APC flagbearer.

Honestly, your currency swap is a failure; a ploy between you and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, Emefiele, to inflict pain on the down-trodden by cleverly denying them access to their little income deposited in the banks. Now Nigerians are hungry, buying their own money exobitantly from the POS operators.

Also, the president’s legacy on the Judiciary still baffles me.


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I recall how he publicly wept the last time he failed election under CPC. He attributed his failures on the nation’s judiciary, promising to “deal” with it if elected as president.

Indeed, Buhari came to power and the judiciary became worse.

To day, we have Supreme Court governor; and lawmakers, who got their tickets from the apex court without participating in primary elections. What a judiciary. No wonder APC would simply ask you to go to court in any political dispute. Time has come for a real judiciary reform to build confidence in it again.

Recall when Nigeria was exporting judges to The Gambia, Uganda and other countries. But today, under President Buhari, the judiciary is nolonger respected; while cases are won under controvertial circumstances.

I recall that Buhari promised electoral reform and a credible election but gave Nigeria its worst election since independence.

Days after the election adjudged the worst by the locals, foreign observers and civil rights activists, the president has kept mute.

The country’s Supreme Court also overruled his new currency policy; yet he is not moved.

The world is watching the unfolding drama of the 2023 general election.

Will the judiciary and President Buhari use the general election to rewrite the history? Time will tell.

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