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Infidelity: Mr Ibu’s wife lied, father, sons insist

Mr Ibu


Stella Maris is a gold digger, says Mr Ibu’s family


This is not the best of time for the Nollywood star, Mr. John Okafor alias Mr Ibu, who miraculously survived a dangerous health challenge recently.

Mr. Ibu, who should be thanking God for saving his life, is being accused of infidelity by his second wife, Stella Maris Okafor.

Stella Maris, whom Mr Ibu married after divorcing his first wife, accused him of dating one Chioma Jasmine, and therefore does not give her attention.

But Mr Ibu’s two sons denied the allegation, while calling Stella Maris a gold digger.

They explained that Chioma was their father’s adopted daughter and therefore could not have immoral affair with her father.

Ibu’s first and second sons also alleged that Stella Maris’ recent social media revelation was because she wanted money.

They accused her of dividing their family and abandoning their father when he was sick. They alleged that she questioned why so much money should be spent on Mr Ibu’s drugs and hospital bills when he was ill.

They said that it was the same Chioma Jasmine she is calling out that was there for their father, took care of him, and nursed him back to good health.

They added that Chioma then revived Mr. Ibu’s social media accounts and monetised it and the wife is now back because she wants the money being made.

Mr Ibu, in his reaction, confirmed that Chioma was his daughter.


Stella Maris had released a video accusing Mr Ibu of physical assault, neglect, and infidelity.

In the video, she and Ibu were seen engaging in a confrontation over Chioma.


She also said in the video that Mr Ibu beat her up after coming home from his girlfriend’s [Chioma] house.

This led to allegations that Chioma is Ibu’s girlfriend, not his daughter.

Stella Maris, who married Mr Ibu after his separation from his first wife, shares three kids with him.

She took to Instagram late on Friday night, Jan. 3, to share a series of videos showing a physical altercation between her and Mr Ibu.

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