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Light up Anambra: How far?

I made it clear that no sane governor would sustain the “Iberibe”

By Valentine Obienyem

Many years ago, when the madness they called “light up Anambra” started, I wrote many pieces on it describing it,  as it was carried out, as the most stupid and foolish “developmental” project this side of idiocy.

As usual, I was called names. Some said that I was jealous, while others described my position variously.

I had raised the issue of putting streetlights among people, who were yet to see light to be used in their houses, that alone was provocative. I raised the question of cost, especially when billions of naira were spent monthly on diesel and the maintenance of generators.

 I also pointed out that Governor Willie Obiano bought those generators five times their normal costs in the market.

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I made it clear that no sane governor would sustain the “Iberibe.”

That project, which benefited those that conceived it,  was part of the celebrated mediocrity of Obiano that sank Anambra into frightening debt.

I just noticed that some of the generators placed on strategic positions are no longer there. I am therefore constrained  to ask: How far with the project? Where are the generators?

Who also noticed that the advert by all manner of agents about estate land available for sale seem to have died down? His tenure was characterized by rampant plunder of the state!

By now, it should have dawned on Obiano that he remains a misfortune to Anambra State.

  The irony is that while he was taking Anambra back to the Stone Age amidst his uncontrollable amours, his aides were busy shouting: “Willie is Working.”

As the overview of his tenure is gradually unfolding, it is the right time to observe that as governor, he did not disappoint those that knew him very well by maintaining his reputation for mediocrity with alarming indecency!

Meanwhile, we have started selling the book on him titled,  “Anambra: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous.”  Kindly call  07061407992 for your own copy.

.Obienyem, a lawyer and public affairs analyst, writes from Awka, Anambra State.

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