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Musing on Obiano’s case

Willie Obiano | File Image

‘My position is that if the court confirms him a thief, he should go to jail. No sentiments here!’

By Valentine Obienyem

My concern today is centered on what was reported about Willie Obiano, the Anambra State former governor’s bail condition.

It stated: “Obiano is currently on administrative bail granted by the EFCC, which includes providing two sureties who are directors in civil service and own landed properties in Abuja.”

What are the imports of these conditions?

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What kind of country is Nigeria? It is rife with contradictions, exemplified again by the bail conditions. 

What is the monthly pay of a director in the federal ministry? Where is he supposed to raise the hundreds of millions to buy land in Abuja?

Meanwhile, my position is that if the court confirms him a thief, he should go to jail. No sentiments here!

If only he had listened to us.

Do you remember that the first thing Obiano did as governor was to transfer all the money in the ecological account and Millennium Development Goal’s account into his security vote account, and subsequently into private accounts, causing his Adviser on MDG to resign, not ready to be part of the mess?

Where are all those who attacked us for cautioning against that financial recklessness? I hope they are all around to defend him.

Meanwhile, the book on how Obiano governed Anambra State, titled, “Anambra: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous,” is now on sale. For copies, call: 0706 140 7992.

.Obienyem, a lawyer and current affairs analyst, writes from Lagos.

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