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My teacher, Ikem Odumodu, and I

Nnamdi Azikiwe Busiess School, Awka | Image: Googlr

By Val Obienyem

Nnamdi Azikiwe Business School holds a special place in my heart. It is undeniably one of the best in the country.

Beyond just having top-notch infrastructure, the quality of education is measured by various factors, with the calibre  of teachers being paramount.

During my time pursuing my master’s and doctorate degrees, I had the privilege of being taught by experts in their respective fields.

Lt. Gen. Isaac Obiakor, for instance, imparted invaluable knowledge on security matters, while former minister Chief Frank Nweke Jr. delved into courses touching on politics.

We were fortunate to have both Prof. Pat Utomi and Prof. Oby Lilian Orogbu among our lecturers.

Prof. Orogbu possesses a striking beauty that, in addition to her scholarly prowess, she brings to mind a female law professor at the University of Bologna, Novella d’ Andrea. 

Tradition, doubtless fanciful, has it that Novella d’ Andrea was so captivatingly beautiful that she lectured behind a veil to prevent her students from being distracted by her appearance and charms.

How many of you are insanely proud of your mentors like myself? Prof. Okey Ikechukwu taught us at the master’s and doctorate levels.

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He epitomizes the highest standard of scholarship. The distinctive quality of his mind lies in its core of logic, clarity, and finesse, largely shaped by the golden era of philosophy in Nsukka under the guidance of scholars like Agrawal.

He is a metaphysician, who understands that metaphysics without laughter is immodesty.

Dr. Ikem Odumodu excelled in teaching us “Business Plan.” In one memorable assignment, Dr. Odumodu tasked us with writing  a business plan, emphasizing the importance of selecting ventures we were genuinely passionate about.

I chose to focus on Toga fashion.

During class discussions about our projects, Dr. Odumodu took a keen interest in the Toga model, especially when I highlighted its aim to address issues like late delivery of clothing.

He encouraged me to pursue the model further and privately urged me not to give up. This interaction played a significant role in the story of Toga Fashion.

Recently, Dr. Odumodu reached out to Toga thus:


“I called you. I need two quality French suits one white and one black for a meeting in Lagos on Wednesday. I leave on Tuesday from Anambra airport. Please make sure they are ready by Tuesday morning. Send your account details. No excuses please.”

Was it a trap? If I had hurried to send my account details, wouldn’t he have labelled me a bad student who was more concerned with responding to the account request rather than ensuring customer satisfaction?

I couldn’t bear the thought of disappointing my teacher, especially when presented with an opportunity to prove myself as a diligent student. We immediately got to work, visiting his home on Monday morning to re-measure him,  for the condition of the country affects both the poor and the rich such that old measurements are not guaranteed.

True to our commitment, we delivered the suits on Tuesday morning as requested, using only the finest materials available. Dr. Odumodu’s implicit trust in our capabilities was not misplaced, as we strive to uphold the highest standards of service.

Our recent exchange further demonstrates our dedication to customer satisfaction:

Odumodu: “Oga Val, how far? How much?”

Val: “Good morning Sir. In business school, you emphasized the importance of balancing the pursuit of profit with customer satisfaction. My priority for customers like you is ensuring your satisfaction above all else, sir.”

In addition to ensuring the satisfaction of my teacher and other mentors who are also customers of Toga, such as Prof. Okey Ikechukwu, Prof. Ngozi Ewuim, Profs. A.U Nonyelu, Emma Okoye (Former Directors of UNIZIK Business School), Prof. Chinedu Onyeizugbe (the current DG), Prof. Ellis Idemobi, Prof. Vincent Ezeabasili, Dr. Chinedu Ifeakor, Rev. Fr. Dr. Ignatius Uzondu, and others, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all our customers.

While occasional shortcomings may occur, we remain committed to continuous improvement.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Experience sartorial elegance at Toga today.

Toga fashion is apposite UBA bank on the Enugu-Onitsha express way. It is adjacent to Prof. Keneth Dike Library near ABS at Aroma.

0706 140 7992

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