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Nigeria: Where terrorisn is business

If the rag-tag terrorists could easily attack their target in Kaduna, it means no one is save in Nigeria

By Valentine Amanze


Nigeria has gradually become very notorious and sophisticated in terrorism.

Daily, people pay ransome for the freedom of their beloved ones, while others are burying theirs killed by the marauding terrorists.

Even the government is not spared in this wicked business, as it also pays for the freedom of its officials abducted by the criminals.

Unfortunately, the striving illegal business has consequently hit hard on the country’s fragile economy, as ransome money is paid in cash.

It is noteworthy that the lucrative nature of the business has forced many individuals including clerics to lobby the government, to negotiate on its behalf, the freedom of the abducted school children and government officials.

 Public places are nolonger safe, as some schools, especially in northern Nigeria, are being forced to close to save the children.

The crime was initially politically-motivated against the President Godluck Jonathan-led People Democratic Party (PDP) government, which led to the 2014 kidnapping of hundreds of school girls in Chibok, Borno State.

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It was later followed by that of Bichi, Yobe State, in 2018.

On March 7, 2024 the terrorists struck again in another northern state, Kaduna, abducting about 287 school children from GSS Kuriga, Chikun Local Government Area, for ransome in an afternoon raid, without any challenge from the law-enforcement agencies in the locality.

Though the terrorists have given the government 20 days grace, with effect from March 7, 2024, to pay about N1 billion ransome to secure the release of the helpless students and their teachers or they kill them, President Bola Tinubu has has not shown any interest to pay the terrorists, even as Sheik Gumi continues to pressure the government to use him as a negotiator. Very sad indeed.

Since the inception of the business of abduction of school children in Chibok in 2014, the government is yet to arrest and parade any of the terrorists involved after ransome payment, which is not made known to the public.

Telling Nigerians that the terrorists are foreigners is an indictment on the Nigerian Army and other security agencies, who had always excelled in peace-keeping operations worldwide.

Nigeria needs to copy other countries on how to fight terrorists.

President Bola Tinubu | File Image.

In July 4, 1976 at  Entebbe International Airport, Uganda, 102 of the 106 Israeli hostages were rescued in Operation Entebbe, officially codenamed Operation Thunderbolt (retroactively codenamed Operation Yonatan).

It was a 1976 Israeli counter-terrorist mission in Uganda launched in response to the hijacking of an international civilian passenger flight (an Airbus A300) operated by Air France between the cities of Tel Aviv and Paris.

During a stopover in Athens, the aircraft was hijacked by two Palestinian PFLP–EO terrorists and two German RZ terrorists, who diverted the flight to Libya and then to Uganda, where they landed at Entebbe International Airport to be joined by other terrorists.

 At Uganda, the group enjoyed support from Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin.

Having hijacked the flight of 248 passengers on June 27, 1976, the terrorists took hostages with the stated objective of compelling the release of 40 Palestinian and affiliated militants imprisoned in Israel as well as the release of 13 prisoners in four other countries.

It took the less than 100 Israeli commandos only seven days to plan and rescue the Israeli hostages at the Entebbe airport after getting the approval of the Israeli government. They equally killed all the terrorists holding the citizens hostage including Ugandan soldiers.

Bandits | File Image

That is the country that cares for its citizens. No Israeli or U.S. citizen could be molested in any part of the world without consequences.

It is different in Nigeria. Our leaders are only interested in looting the national treasury with impunity, while Boko Haram, herdsmen and bandits are abducting, collecting taxes from farmers and raping Nigerian women.

The government’s actions and inactions have made kidnapping a striving business.

When Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) flagbearer, was the Anambra State governor, he floated the anti-kidnapping law, which empowered the state to takeover the properties of any kidnapper and also demolish his apartment.

As a result, the criminals fled the state.

But today, many terrorist groups are springing up in the Northern Nigeria, pushing gradually South in the midst of the Police, Army, NSA, DSS, Civil Defence and other security agencies in the country.

I weep for the country anytime I remember that it was in Kaduna that the terrorists abducted their latest victims.

Why? Kaduna hosts the National Defence Academy (NDA), where the country’s best military officers are trained and other vital security agencies. If rag-tag terrorists could easily attack their target in Kaduna, it means no one is save in Nigeria.

What happened to the Police post in the community where the children were abducted? How tick is the forest they are kept that would prevent their speedy location and freedom? I hope this is not scam.

I wonder why the federal government has refused to make public the list of the 400 alleged sponsors of terrorism submitted to it by the government of United Arab Emirate (UAE).

 The Borno State government is not helping in the fight against terrorism by  continuously unleashing the “repentant” terrorists back on the society.

Besides, what is the aim of spending billions of dollars on Tucano jets if they are not being used to fight terrorists.

It is very strange that many prominent Nigerian leaders are not condeming the criminality in the country.

Northern Nigeria has suddenly become a war zone in peace time with refegee camps scattered all over the places.

The future is nolonger bright for the country as leaders of tomorrow are prevented from going to school, while farmers are discouraged from farming by herdsnen and other terrorists.

The concentration of the army and police in the South-East is counter-productive. No war is going on in the zone except the politically motivated killings in Orlu and Okigwe areas of Imo State. Their services would seriously be appreciated if they redirect their energy to the food basket of the nation (North and the Middle-belt).

I believe in the strength and courage of the Nigerian Army. If given the enabling environment and support, they could surpass what the Israeli commandos did in Entebbe in 1976 –  witten in book form as “90 Minutes At Entebbe.”

Let the government support the army to end the monstrous business of kidnapping.

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