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Nigerians carpet Tinubu over threat of anarchy

Tinubu (file photo)

‘The opposition parties have a strong case; but let’s hope the judges aren’t biased’

By Valentine Amanze

Nigerians, especialky those in the social media, have hit hard on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for threatening anarchy if he loses his case at the ongoing Election Tribunal over failure to get 25 per cent votes cast in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in the February 25, 2023 presidential election.

Tinubu had warned the tribunal: “Removing me as president over failure to score 25 per cent in Abuja may trigger anarchy in Nigeria.”

He made the threat after the lawyers addressed a section of the Constitution that said that a candidate must score 25 per cent of votes in two-thirds of 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, or Abuja.

He was also quoted by SaharaReporters as saying, “Voters in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory are not more special than those in other states.”

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Reacting to the threat, Kalu Aja @FinPlanKaluAja1 tweeted that Tinubu was indirectly driving away foreign investors.

His words: “The president of the largest economy in Africa is telling foreign investors that if the courts, in a legal ruling in his own nation, removes him from office because he failed to meet the conditions set by his nation to become president, there will be anarchy and chaos.”

Lucas @anuforo was not surprised by the threat.

He said, “The fire has started burning and the APC is getting worried and Tinubu is getting worried.

“We are still in the tribunal…. The court should do the right thing.”

Irunna @Irunnia, in his reaction, said that the threat was the trademark of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

 “This is the APC way. Threats and violence. He [Tinubu] will be removed and nothing will happen.

“Someone that should be in an Island enjoying all his looted funds; he still wants to come and use tax to finish us.”

Daniel Regha

@DanielRegha was not different.

He tweeted: “The APC went above and beyond to win the presidential election. So, Tinubu making threats isn’t surprising.

“Same APC used religion as a political strategy knowing full well that it will cause outrage.

“The opposition parties have a strong case; but let’s hope the judges aren’t biased.”

Distinguished Field Marshal

@General_Oluchi was optimistic the judiciary would do the needful, stressing, “Tinubu will be disqualified and heaven will not fall”.

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