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Nollywood star, Wunmi, curses ex-boyfriend: ‘Segun you’re wicked, God will disgrace you’

Wunmi Ajiboye | File Image

By Valentine Amanze

Nollywood actress, Wunmi Ajiboye, is not happy. She is feeling betrayed by her ex-boyfiend, Segun Ogungbe, whom she accused of disrespect and sleeping with her female workers, while living under her roof.

Consequently, the embittered Nollywood actress cursed Ogungbe in the social media at the weekend.

In a viral video in her X, Wunmi Ajiboye, while weeping, also revealed that she was never married to Ogungbe though they had two children together.

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Wunmi accused Ogungbe, a Nollywood actor, of being a cheat “who does dirty things’’ in her house and does not show regard for her.

Her words: “Segun Ogungbe was sleeping with my female workers, one of them even had abõrtiõn for him. Segun you’re w!cked. God will d!sgrace you.”

Wunmi, who advised the actor to respect his wife and stop his “dirty behavior.”

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