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Obi and Enugu’s defected Labour Party members

Peter Obi | File Image

By Valentine Obienyem

After the announced defection of some Labour Party (LP) members in the Enugu House of Assembly to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), someone called me and requested my comments.

I told him I was not surprised and that, in fact, more defections would follow. I personally anticipated it because in Nigeria, one hardly sees principled politicians.

When they act stupidly, they mistake it for being smart and strategic. This is wholly character issue and not politics.

This situation easily reminds us of the scenario in Anambra State. Many politicians overcame obstacles by aligning themselves with Mr. Peter Obi.

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Some achieved what they would not have otherwise attained in multiple lifetimes because of Obi’s influence.

 However, when it came time to demonstrate loyalty by supporting Obi, they conspired against him in the name of cleverness.

Why could they not, for once, set aside their ambitions and remember what Obi helped them achieve, supporting him in return? We did not witness that. Whenever I reflect on this, I am perplexed by the true nature of man.

The foregoing played out in Enugu State and will likely occur in other places.

Knowing the nature of man, I would not be shocked if it happens in Anambra State.

In fact, I would be surprised if it did not happen.

The most perplexing aspect is that these politicians were offered all manner of support by Obi. I have interacted with some of them, and they openly told me that in their political lives, only Obi asked them to contest and supported them without any conditions attached.

This is unlike others who cut deals, demand money, and even scheme to share salaries.

Obi is undoubtedly a different politician, and we hope his goodness, principled nature, and commitment to humanity will one day benefit this country.

.Obienyem, a lawyer and public affairs analyst, writes from Awka, Anambra State.

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