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Oye woos Italians with investment opportunities in Nigeria

Dele Oye| File photo

‘Nigeria with its dynamic and diverse economy serves as a gateway to the African market’

By Valentine Amanze

The National President of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Dele Kelvin Oye, has showcased Nigeria’s ivestment potentials at the 2023 Nigeria-Italy Business and Investment Forum in Rome, Italy.

Oye, who highlighted opportunities in Nigeria’s agriculture, manufacturing, technology and renewable energy, among others, urged investors to leverage the nation’s expansive consumer market, favorable business environment, and incentives offered by the federal government to explore investment opportunities in the emerging sectors.

The NACCIMA boss said, “I am here to share with you the immense potentials and opportunities that our country, Nigeria, offers as a strategic business partner to Italy. Nigeria with its dynamic and diverse economy serves as a gateway to the African market.

“Our nation is blessed with abundant natural resources, a large consumer market, and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. Our government has implemented progressive policies aimed at creating a conducive business environment and attracting foreign direct investments.

“These policies prioritize economic diversification, infrastructural development and ease of doing business and as a result, Nigeria has witnessed significant growth and transformations in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, technology and renewable energy.”

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Oye further stated.  “The private sector is leading in Nigeria and this is the time for you and your friends to come to Nigeria and partner with our President for the mutual benefit of our economies. We are changing any policy hindering business growth in Nigeria.

“So, if you are not doing business in Nigeria, then you are definitely not doing business in Africa because we are the largest economy.  We have the highest in terms of entrepreneurs; our people are among the highest entrepreneurs in the fintech industries and the entire Africa.

“What we are trying to tell you is that something is happening in Africa. There is a revolution going on in Africa. In fact, the United Nations dedicated its 2023 Global Impact Programme to Africa with the theme, ‘Unstoppable Africa,’ just to tell you the immense potential that exists on the continent.”

He added that in the next 10 years, Africa would be the centre of everything.

“We have a very young population and dynamic people. We are some of the most confident people we are trying to say is you should come and do business in Nigeria.”

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