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Sack of staff: ASCETA dares COEASU


.Says ‘Do your worst as you can’t teach Ikpeazu his job’


By Emeka Okafor


The Abia State College of Education, Technical, Arochukwu, has  described as provocative, confrontational and political blackmail the purported directive by the Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU) to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu to call its provost to order.

It said that it was disrespectful for the leadership of COEASU to demand Ikpeazu to call the provost, Dr Phillips Nto, over the sack of Kelvin Egesi, a former staff of the college.

In a statement issued by the Registrar of ASCETA, Mr Ikechukwu Odemenam, the college faulted COEASU for its derogatory remarks against the governor by insinuating that he erred in appointing Dr Nto as the provost.

The college wondered why it wes only now that an official of COEASU was sacked that the body was raising the allegations of non-qualification and incompetence against a provost who has done seven years in office.


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ASCETA stated: “It is unfortunate that COEASU is bereft of the elementary knowledge that education falls under the concurrent list and that under the Edit establishing ASCETA, Dr Phillips Nto was more than qualified to be the provost.”

It pointed out that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu as a former lecturer knew that Nto, who acquired his doctorate since 2010, and has chalked up more than 17 yesrs teaching experience at Michael’ Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike was qualified to be appointed the provost.

ASCETA further noted that it was ‘just blatant ignorance and mischief that blinded COEASU to appreciate the fact that it has the power to hire and fire and therefore owes no union any explanation in the management of its affairs.’

It regretted that instead of COEASU consulting with the management or even having the courtesy to formally write to the governor,it resorted to public disparaging of Abia state government.

The college said that it won’t be intimidated and blackmailed by what it described as militant unionism.

“Since COEASU has chosen this belligerent path of threat and terrorism against us and Abia state government, let them know that we can never be cowed. Indeed we dare them to do their worst”, the college averred.

It insisted that the COEASU publication signed by the General Secretary, Dr Ahmed Bazza Lawan, was confrontational and therefore would not be left unchallenged.

It said that since Kelvin Egesi has been sacked, COEASU should find him a job because “we employed him as a staff and not as a unionist.”

The college advised staff to face the job they were employed to do and shun politicians who want to use them to destabilize the PDP government of Abia State.

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