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Southern Nigerian group condemns advocacy for state police

‘Governors and the politicians would abuse the state police if floated’

By Ibe Nwosu

The Southern Nigeria-based  non-governmental organization, the Southern  Nigerian  People’s Mandate (SNPM), has condemned the move by the federal government to float state-owned police to curb crime in Nigeria.

The group, in a statement issued by its president, Mr. Augustine Chukwudum, at the weekend, said that the governors and the politicians would abuse the state police if floated.

The SNPM also said that for a dream Nigeria to emerge, the bad eggs in the system must be crushed, stressing that the problem with the country was its leadership.

The group stated: “What is happening in Nigeria today is the result of evil rulership/ leadership.

“For the past 40 years in Nigeria we have no leaders. What we have are the chief executive of thieves, which has led to the rise in crime and the worst insecurity ever in the history of Nigeria.”

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 Besides, the group recommended the solution to the insecurity to include:

1. Local government must have full finincia autonomy to

construct projects in their domain.

2. Local government shall recruit and train able-bodied men and women in vigilante under the supervision of police to reduce insecurity to the barest minimum.

3. Federal, state and local governments must execute people-oriented projects.

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