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Ode to Buhari from Tinubu

Buhari and Tinubu

 Utterances of a lover about to kill his mistress and himself

By Patrick Imo

Sleep, my beloved, sleep!

be patient! – we shall keep

our secret closely hid

beneath the coffin-lid.

There is no other place on earth or air

for such a love as ours, or such despair!

And neither hell nor heaven shall care to win our loathed souls, rejoicing in the sun!

Sleep! for my hand is sure.

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The cold steel bright and pure

strike through thy heart and mine, shedding our blood like wine; sin’s sweetness is too sweet, and if the shame of love must be our curse, we hurl the blame

back on the gods who gave us love with breath, and tortured us from passion to death!

I weep for us!!!

..Imo writes from Lagos.

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