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Why I put my sugar boy on sex ban, by 83-year-old grandmother

Mohamed and Iris


‘Our sex life is very active and my favourite sex position is “doggy fashion”

By John Simon


An 83-year-old grandmother, Iris Jones, has revealed that she was no longer having frequent sex with her sexy 37-year-old Egyptian lover because it kept sending her to the emergency room of hospital.

Iris Jones, who has been with 37-year-old Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham for more than three years, had revealed on TV that their sex life was very active and her favourite sex position was “doggy fashion”.

However, she has since revealed that since Mohamed moved into her home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, they have had to scale back their adventurous love life in fears for her health.

Iris told Fabulous: “Sex has taken a bit of a backseat for now. Mohamed wants me more than I want him but I’m 83 and I’m not as fit as I used to be. I need to take a bit of a break every now and then.

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“I have very thin skin and if his skin rubs against mine I get skin rips and I end up in A&E or at the doctors.

“Quite frankly the doctors are sick of seeing me, they know exactly what I’ve been up to! I’m a real regular.”

Despite sex taking a backseat, Iris and Mohamed are more in love than ever.

She added: “The love is overwhelming sometimes. Mohamed will tell me ‘I can’t live without you’ and one day he is going to have to.”

Iris and Mohamed met through Facebook in 2019 after her son bought her a laptop. She joined a group for atheists and got chatting with Mohamed, who was then in a 10-year arranged marriage.

The pair tied the knot in October 2020.

Earlier this year, Mohamed was granted a spousal visa, and is now settling into British life.

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