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How Nigerian woman was found dead in her U.S. home


By Smarth Jones

Leaving Nigeria for greener pasture in the U.S. is te dream of many Nigerians as hardship persists in the West African country.

Uju Onyeyili is one of the lucky Nigerians that escaped the hardship in Nigeria for a better life in the God’s own country.

She never thought that life would end so sudden for her and the manner it did.

A middle-aged woman from Anambra State, Uju was living alone in her apartment in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

As at press time no one knew any of her relations in U.S. or Abatete the town she came from in Anambra State even after her death in her apartment.

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Her death was strange as no one knew about it for over a week until neighbours raised alarm about a foul smell coming from her apartment in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

It is reported that Uju from Abatete in Anambra State, reportedly had an accident two weeks ago, and she was said to have gone home after abandoning her car at the scene of the accident.

Neighbours then reported to the police after noticing a foul smell coming from Uju’s apartment.

They also reported that they had not seen her in a week and she needed to tow her car that was involved in the accident.

Police investigated and found her decomposing body at her home.

Unfortunately, no close relative of hers could be reached in the U.S,, so her photo was shared online as the police asked family members to pick up her corpse or it would be disposed of by the state.

Uju, a member of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (Olumba Olumba Oba), was eventually buried by the sect in the U.S.

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